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Hey, you've all be using the online version for about two years now! *grin*

Actually, the online reader at would be a pretty good way to try-before-you-buy the deck.

....twiddles fingers... And no, I still haven't seen a copy myself. But then I live all the way over here in Australia, so I s'pose it's inevitable that thousands of retailers at a trade fair see it before me... mumble, mumble...

Kris Waldherr told me it looks lovely. She's soon to release a new Renaissance-style deck herself called The Lovers Path & actually got to spend time in Venice working on it, I'm so jealous! Will try to aim to do that myself when I wok on my next deck, if Golden isn't a complete flop.

Kris's website's pretty amazing for those of you who haven't seen it: - full preview of the whole Lovers Path deck is up now. I guess that's probably being discussed on another thread? I never get time to scan the boards! Anyways, I think I managed a pretty good segway to fit it on my thread - after all, it's Renaissance...
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