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Originally Posted by eyeDEEclaire
I'm curious about the image in the Hanson-Roberts deck of the 2 of Pentacles. I've drawn it several times and I'm always amused at the look of sheer glee on the juggler's face. I personally don't enjoy juggling anything in life, so I was just wondering if anyone had any thoughts on why she is so happy.

I mean, I guess to each his own, but it seems like a stressful situation to me!
As you say it is indeed each to their own....think of a london street performer who makes a living juggling,some love it and cant imagine life any other way,some prefer to stop~sit and just admire the periphery of life.....everyones different love,thats what makes this world go round.It sure would be boring if we all lived the same way,had the same wants/needs/expectations. Some like to make sure they've always got a rainy day fund,others simply cant see the point.I personally can fully understand just why this jugglers happy~dont mean everyone else will though,thats the real beauty of tarot......each to their own.
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