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Just to offer an alternative to my own aching back, you know when guitar players play, they often make faces including a grin when they are concentrating on the intricate details? The 2 of pentacles juggler is concentrating so intently on the details, timing, perfection of keeping everything balanced that he may be like that guitar player with an involuntary grin of concentration. It has to do with the joy of the moment of detail.

Of course all of us girls with the happy 2 of Pents will recognize that we may have grinned about it in our youth, but try juggling those babies for 30 some years. That grin of being "in the moment" gives way to the grimace of pain. We may still smile, but the smile is the memory of being "in the moment" back then. Now, we are grinning at the memory (and I did spell that right).
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