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I've wondered about this card myself, why is the juggler so calm when there seems to be chaos/hardship in the background?

This thread & those linked within have provided some interesting & entertaining interpretations. I'm not sure if I should be posting in the study group thread instead, but this one is more recent, so I'll share here.

My thoughts on the 2 of Pentacles:
The image seems to be one of balance & inner peace.
If the juggler knows what's going on in the water, is this balance & peace from accepting that s/he can't do anything to change the situation & must wait for the 'storm' to settle?
Or is the juggler just ignoring what's going on because s/he doesn't want to deal with it?
If the juggler doesn't know what's going on, is s/he in for a nasty shock?
Or do the ships have nothing to do with the juggler at all? Maybe that's why s/he looks so peaceful, because the conflict doesn't involve him/her at all.
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