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Some other things I notice in the card that I didn't see the first time.

The flames at the base of the image and the chalice on which the central oval is balanced. Do the flames symbolize the tensions of our earthly struggles and that which drives us to seek the cool repose offered by the High Priestess?

There is also a small creature in the half space between the flames and the left, dark moon. Our unconscious?

And the High Priestess herself stands on a crescent moon.

Of all the images I have of the High Priestess, this one most emphasizes the Moon in all itse aspects - the dark unconscious which holds our primal impulses; the glorious light of the golden Moon; the knowledge held and illuminated by the Moonl and contained in the High Priestess.

For some reason I call to mind the vision of Strength, containing the wild beast both in traditional Tarot and in the Marguerite Petersen version. It is an allegory of knowing and managing primal instincts within our deepest selves.

Here the High Priestess stands with the Moon at her feet, as the Lion in the Strength image sits quietly at the knee of Strength herself. I had not seen this connection between High Priestess and Strength before.
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