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Wise men have said, “You are not in the world; the world is in you.” ~if this is true, then we need to broaden our view. The Hermit seems to be the best path towards that goal.

Using some of Livia's thoughts as a springboard~
Originally Posted by Livia
I think the Hermit is best seen as self-acceptance, as the book discusses, since it is only with self-acceptance that we can be comfortable being alone.
The Hermit helps our spiritual journey in that we have the opportunity to become quiet, go within; and as Livia said, become comfortable being alone. There is too much noise and activity in the world ~ we have to retreat from this in order to understand our true nature and to listen to a Higher Voice. Self-acceptance comes from confronting our entire being ~ this is done alone.
St. Francis gave up everything ~ what are we willing to give up in order to grow?

Originally Posted by Livia
He is standing in a deep enough forest he needs a lamp, but we cannot tell if it is night or day. We see no sky. He is closed in his own world. It is almost like a fairy tale setting. Again, how fitting since most fairy tales teach lessons of staying with the group, and not wondering into the forest, where terrible things happen. But he doesn’t seem like bad things are happening to him.
In this journey into the dark forest, you have the opportunity to face your fears. A bright sun is not needed so much to light your path because, hopefully, you'll find your inner light. You might even find your totem animal.
It's not a journey for the faint of heart.

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