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Ok here goes.

I ordered the new Scarabeo Initiatory Tarot of the Golden Porn...erm.. I mean Dawn. And then was told that it was unavailable (the book depository)... And I really want it; am only posting here because I think itīs one of the few decks I could be talked out of. But Im thinking of trying Somerville or alida.

I know itīs just all bursting boobs and is shamelessly unbalanced in terms of gender. And I know the kind of readings itīs going to give; Card for the day; all your clothes are going to fall off (but only if youīre female)... I know all this. I know itīs comic book stuff.

But it has an energy which draws me in. I like the energy of it, the colours, the different angles and perspectives. I feel I need deck which is MODERN and youthful...
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