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Exclamation Deste Decks

I am using deste decks for the last 1.5 yrs. these decks are talking to me, these decks are showing cards according to my mood.

If i am in a pessimist mood all the cards are reversed, and evil. ( i mean the negative meanings)

I usually pick up tomb card as a future card, like it is non changeable, it is always the last card i pick up.

And i always thought i pick up this card because i am moody but than what we noticed with my friend is it symbolises DEATH, and death related things on my reading, as i can hear from death, and i can see them, it could mean that i will have a visitor from death, in the near future..

also whenever i pick up letter card, from this deck, i always receive an email, a phone call or an sms from the people that i did not see for a long time..

I recommend these cards, but do not forget that by using tarots, Quija boards, or reading tea, coffee cup you open a portal to the other side.
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