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Exclamation opening portal

Originally Posted by moderndayruth
Darkwiccatomb, could you please explain what do you mean by " you open a portal to the other side"?
By "using", do you mean reading the cards or something else?
by other side, i mean limbo, earthbound spits, and bound spirits
Opening a portal is like opening your , by using your tarot decks, Quija Boards you open a gate to communicate with elementals, spirits, jinns, etc.
You use your powers to be able to read the cards, in a way you get help from spirits, it is the same when you do reading via coffee cup, tea cup, water,

Shortly earthbound spirits are the ones who do not pass unto light when their body dies

I am not sure how the following information is true but hope this will help you

If a person does not proceed into the light after death of the physical body, that person will remain earthbound. The condition of the person before passing will be the remaining condition of the disembodied spirit. Emotional traumas, as well as physical pains and afflictions are still felt, even though the spirit is no longer within a body. If the ghost was addicted then those same addictions also remain. In fact, these addictions and traumas will drive the disembodied spirit into trying to find relief, even though relief will not be found in the physical realm. As the ghost looks backward to the past by remaining earthbound, the prison is complete, as the future becomes lost and not seen as the way out - the light and loved ones (trying to rescue the ghost) become invisible to the disincarnate

just let me know if you want to learn more, i am glad to help
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