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The Frankendecken's Progress

Our glorious Frankendecken; The Tarot of the 78 Spares is now completed and is about to head off on it's journey, wending its way over yonder horizon and around the globe, crossing oceans, deserts, over the hemisphere and back again. Below is a list of the collaborators and the order in which they will receive it.

Each participant should keep the deck for 7 days from the date you receive it. This may sound short but remember, there are 35 of us, add on the time which poor Frankendecken spends sitting in the dark in Post Office deposits, waiting for trains, planes and automobiles, and it all adds up.

The order;

Le Fanu: Portugal sent! 12/05/10
Oddity: Sweden sent! 21/05/10
Aulruna: Germany sent! 04/06/10
Cat*: Germany sent! 14/06/10
gregory: UK sent! 24/06/10
Lillie: UK sent! 02/07/10
WendyWu: UK sent! 10/07/10

nicole_: Singapore sent! 24/07/10
zan_chan : Japan sent! 09/08/10

Brigid: Australia sent! 05/09/10
nisaba: Australia sent! 15/09/10
rhombchick: Australia sent! 24/09/10
Solandia: Australia sent! 05/10/10

Alta: Canada sent! 26/10/10

aurarcana: USA sent! 08/11/10
cardlady22: USA sent! 18/11/10
Celice: USA sent! 30/11/10
FaireMaiden: USA sent! 24/12/10
Chronata: USA sent! 04/01/11
emmsma: USA sent! 14/01/11
faunabay: USA sent! 25/01/11
jcwirish: USA sent! 04/02/11
lark: USA sent! 12/02/11
Mimers: USA sent! 05/03/11
morticia monroe: USA sent! 18/03/11
nicky: USA sent! 29/3/11
photokat: USA
Fire Cat: USA
iceclone: USA

Pending for;

Elven: Australia
Rasa (Uruguay/Canada until November)

(a couple of members have volunteeered not to participate in this part of the journey. I have respected their wishes. Anyone else who wishes not to be included please let me know by PM.)

If you do not agree with the order, for logistical, geographical reasons, decide upon the order you think would be better and let me know by PM.

Each time the deck arrives, each time you send the deck on and the person to whom you have sent the deck, all need to be posted here. The above list will be then updated with each departure and arrival.
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