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Tarot speaks to us in symbols, if the cross caught your eye, you might want to investigate about the cross as a symbol, the one in High Priestess chest is equally armed so it talks about balance, duality and each arms is talking about the number 4 as the 4 compass directions, 4 seasons, 4 classical elements etc.

Now regarding the connection between those two cards I'll try to answer this question going from general to particular:

* Tarot show us how women are represented by the blending of High Prestess + Empress as woman's mind + woman´s heart, in RWS they share the symbol of the pomegranate stamped fabric, the High Priestess as the veil and Empress as the dress.

* All queens in Tarot are "younger sisters" of the ladies just mentioned.

* So if the cross changed from a big symbol in HP's chest to a lovely cameo in queen's neck it tells to me the queen's values are strong and she has even found the way to make them look attractive in the eyes of other persons, alternatively it might show someone living her faith in the open without making a big deal out of it.
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