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Chrystella, I think that is a fantastic and interesting thing to focus on. I also love the questions you have formed for this adventure.

I love doing things that will bring me closer to my ancestors. I'm big in keeping their memories alive in my own world and work with them a lot. I've been blessed in meeting them through my medium ship work as well and calling on them for support and guidance.

I think your exercise you have created will be a huge blessing for you and I cannot wait to read of your experiences.

Originally Posted by Alta View Post
I have never heard of this idea before and think it is fascinating. By coincidence, must have a been a dream, when I woke up this morning my brain started to focus on all the people who had contributed to my DNA helping to shape the person that I am.

I am not sure if it is true, because goodness knows the material you read on the internet, but 'they' say that life experiences or possibly traumas anyway, are heritable.
yes, I do believe we inherit the life experiences from our ancestors. For instance, just look at the inherited disorders for one, including drug and alcohol abuse, but also cancers and other disorders. I believe also our fears of certain issues--(fear of heights, fear of falling, etc.) can be inherited too, though some people would say those are more learned fears. Other traits, such as being musically inclined, etc. are obviously inherited as well--so why limit ourselves to thinking only 'certain' things can be.

Originally Posted by Chrystella View Post
I have friends undergoing a program called Faery Seership, which involves a collection of lore and techniques influenced by the Celtic and pre-Celtic tribes of Europe. Ancestral work is a big part of it. They use a concept called the River of Blood. The basic idea is that we carry not only all the good stuff, but also the pains, fears, and unresolved issues of our ancestors. In healing them, we heal and strengthen ourselves. There's a beautiful visualisation involving reaching down into the river, clasping the hand of your ancestor, and raising them up and into your boat. You clean the blood off them and comb the tangles out of their hair. I think it's a lovely and powerful metaphor.
Oh wow! another very interesting exercise/(program)! How wonderful for your friends! I like this too and will have to do more exploring on this program. It sounds very interesting!

Originally Posted by Barleywine View Post
This idea has me thinking it might be a good use for my Shining Tribe tarot with its deep "ancestral" quality. I've pretty much sidelined it because it's so far removed from the "European" model, but this could give it new life. Thanks!
Oh yes--I like that deck. I don't own it, but I love the simplicity of it. If you adopt Crystella's idea and use it for the same reason, I hope you will also share your experiences.

Good luck to you and anyone else who will be doing this. Such a fascinating idea! I can't wait to read of your experiences. I will find myself also going through my tarot cards to see if I can find a deck that will resonate with me in this same quest.
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