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Astrological Layout/Zodiac Spread

this spread is in the form of a circle.
The first card is placed at about the 8:30 position on the clock. Place 12 cards going counterclockwise. Cards 3&4 are at 6'o'clock, 6&7 are at 3, and 9&10 are at 12'o'clock.
card positions:
1: Aries; personallity, attitudes, and how one interacts within the world.
2: Taurus; financial & material matters, principals
3: Gemini; communication, education, siblings & travel
4: Cancer; home, family, childhood, fatherly infuences
5: Leo; pleasures & leisure, romance & creativity relationships with children
6: Virgo; work & responsibilities, health, helping others
7: Libra; close partnership & working relationships, alliances & marriage
8: Scorpio; hidden influences, life cycle, sexuality & psychic awareness
9: Sagittarius; religion & philosophy, law, foriegn cultures & long distance travel.
10: Capricorn; career & ambitions, self-esteem, achievments & public status
11: Aquarius; social life & aquaintences, hopes and wishes
12: Picses; subconscious, strengths & weaknesses, restrictions

Per AG's(and other's) Q about using this for the lunar cycle, I suppose that the cards could be layed out starting in the position that the sign that the Moon is in. This comes down to personal prefference though.
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