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I haven't been active on ATF for many years, but I still cherish many of the memories of this forum and felt moved to post.

First off, thank you Solandia, for providing this incredible online space for all of us. I cannot imagine the amount of time and resources it has taken for you to successfully steer this ship through all the sweeping technological and social changes we've seen in the online world and I respect your decision to dock this enterprise for good.

Thank you to all the mods I worked with. I learned so many lessons from our teamwork and from the challenges we handled, lessons I now bring to bear upon my professional life and in my volunteerism. If you are reading now, know that I still think of you from time to time and always wish you well. And a special thanks to Minderwiz for showing me the ropes here in the digital realm of moderation and of course in the skies above!

Thank you to all the ATF members for bringing your enthusiasm, curiousity, generosity and insight. I learned so much from our discussions and am thankful to have made some friends I am still in touch with today.

I have participated in so many online communities and ATF remains to date, my favourite one. It is with a mixture of shock and sadness that I post here, but mostly, with an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Thank you, all.


p.s. To any old members who wish to get in touch, I would love to hear from you and I'll check my inbox for the last time on July 13th 16:00 EST xo
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