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Originally Posted by Mystica7 View Post
Maru, I can't help but think that you have a personal motivation shaping your thoughts -as a person who has previous experience with forums and wants to start a new venture herself maybe-, just as I do have a personal motivation in considering the idea that Aeclectic must be kept up and alive before it's exactly dead, to the contrary to what you say, i.e. already dead.
I understand where you're coming from. I have no intention of starting any forums (or even dealing with one). The only thing I've considered is maybe down the line (probably years) creating a tool/schema that people can use to create a portable archive of spread data on their own site(s) so that eventually a collection could be built between several sources and shared possibly through .torrents. I don't see how that has anything to do with AT's fate. Edit: In fact, if AT were still around, it would be much easier to ask people in one forum versus the 6 or 7 that are being migrated to how card/spread data should be ideally be setup for a specific purpose to be anatomical.

If she doesn't want to sell the site, then it should be left alone. She's said several times now at this point she doesn't want to sell. People are being rather forceful about wanting it done their way and I only wanted to share my sentiment that I understand her decision. Personally, because I've been in her shoes, I respect her decision to want to leave things as is. It's her legacy to preserve.
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