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Thumbs up From what I've seen thus far, I'm likely to get it.

Originally Posted by Hexi
We haven't put up a web site as yet, showing the entire deck, though we have thought about an "Official Pearls of Wisdom Tarot" site.

If there is sufficient interest, we will look into creating it. Especially if there is any interest in "other merchandise" such as prints.
Well, Hexi (rhymes with sexy) I know that you said that you are open to ideas and suggestions and so I'M SUGGESTING putting the whole deck out there for people to see. In the six or so years that I have been buying decks, I've found it to be so extremely helpful to be able to check out the entire deck.

Unfortunately, decks can be "misleading" so to speak, in that you see a few cards that you really like, but, after perusing the whole deck one realizes it's not for them based on many of the other cards. Of course, this is all subjective because what makes one person turn on his heels, draws someone else.

Sometimes, it's just one card that is such a turn-off that you just know you'd not get past it. On the flip side, isn't it a wonderful thing when you feel compatibility (enough so, anyway) with all the cards that you delight in having the deck. Get ready to get happy, then, because YOU REALIZE THAT YOU'VE MADE A CONNECTION that's so worth it!

As to other merchandise . . . well, how many times have we become aware of the "other stuff" created by an artist because and only because we were looking to see scans of the entire deck. I've visited many an artist's website searching for the "whole thing." Fortunately, there are sites where decks are posted in their entirety and here at Aeclectic we have a thread that shows where you can go to see many of the decks you may be curious about. It's probably the Thread that's looked at the most. Often, as I'm sure you know, people will exhibit their collections on their websites, posting scans of entire decks. I love them for it, believe me.

What's cool, too is when it works conversely. I've seen a few cards and didn't think I'd like the deck and then take a look at the whole thing and get drawn in.

Really, Roxi, I hope that I may have in some way encouraged you further regarding this. It is a great way to pique MORE interest and again, once there I usually look at whatever else may be offered.

I have looked at as many cards as I can find of PoW and am trusting that there wouldn't be any cards that would really push me away. PoW is so colorful and uplifting, from what I've seen I don't think that you could deviate much from the style and character of a deck like this. It seems that it would be pretty congruent.

Cards that I especially like to see upfront are: Death, 10 of Swords, Devil. I would love for Sulis to post scans of these - I don't think they're up. I'll check.

Thanks Roxi - so far it's been very enjoyable in terms of what I have seen - they wake me up, give me lots to look at, play with and examine, I can't imagine ever being bored with them (THERE ARE 78 OF THEM FOR GOODNESS SAKE - A PARTY). When I look at scans of PoW it is for some reason like being thirsty and getting my thirst quenched. Kind of "Aaaahhhh! That was good. I needed that!" More.

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