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Great! I've had this deck in both sizes for years and at one time, I had all the books that go with it. I've never really used it very much because there was always another deck or two I could read more easily with.

I've had a couple or three people tell me that this deck is NOT Thoth based, so I'll take their word for it. However, I'm going to leave my original post here so it won't confuse anyone who comes to the study later and then wonders why people are mentioning Thoth in the thread. {I've read (here on the forum, I think) that this deck is based on the Thoth deck. That may be why I haven't ever gotten a firm grip on it. I also have the Weick-Gonzalez Native American which is also based on Thoth and I have a pocket Thoth deck but I've never grasped Thoth very much either.} I've been using Tarot for coming close to 20 years, but RWS and clones have always been my choice.

One thing I like about the Motherpeace is that it's a round deck. There's such a big range of meanings using a round deck because each card you draw shows waxing and waning of the energy of the different cards. It's a deck that I have to sit with for a little while when doing a reading. Taking into account that it's Thoth-based, plus the many degrees of the angle the cards fall in and the art work, then figuring out how it all comes together isn't at all a quick read for me, but when I do finally get it figured out, the result is wonderful.
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