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Originally Posted by nisaba View Post
Thirty years ago, a friend of mine was doing awesome readings with this deck. She took into account how far-to-either-side each card was turned, and got exquisite detail out of them. I bought a copy more recently out of sheer sentimentality for her, but absolutely cannot use it the way she could.
I can see where it would give very intimate and deep readings if used by someone who is very "fluent" with this deck. I probably won't ever get there, but I'm going to give it a try.

Originally Posted by Zephyros View Post
From what I can see, the Motherpeace isn't Thoth-based. Where was this written?
I can't remember where I read this. Maybe here at sometime or other.

Originally Posted by Carojulie View Post
Hi Grizabella,

I am in for a Motherpeace study group.

I hope I will manage to attend with some regularity. I have commitment issues in that area, due to lack of time, and also sometimes due to journaling burnout. But I would really like to attend this one.

This deck has been on top of my wishlist for a really long time, and at the same time it intimidated me because it is so deep.
Then last year, a very dear friend of mine offered it to me (the Mini version, in a set with Karen Vogel companion book).My friend did not know that I had wanted this deck for a long time. She offered it to me because it was her favourite deck and because she wanted to spread the love. What a good omen !

Later, on my friend's advice, I purchased an old copy of Vicky Noble "a way to the goddess through myth, art and tarot".
I am glad to have both books, the Vogel one and the Noble one, though the Noble on is deeper I think. You can still easily get the Noble book for only two or three dollars as a second hand book.

This decks has always had a special place in my heart, because of its richness, because it is so true and positive, and because it comes from my dear friend. I crocheted round pouches for her copy and for my copy.
I usually dont read reversals, with exeptions. But with the Motherpeace as with my other round deck (Gorgon's tarot), I do because it makes so much more sense, with all the possible variations on the positions of the cards.

Also, the mini is a good size, it could almost pass for a normal size deck. I usually dont like mini's (too small) but this one I like, because it is not too small. Maybe one day I will get the standard size to see the images with more clarity, but for now, I am very happy with the version I have.

I'll see you all in the study group then !
See you there!

Originally Posted by Gwynydd View Post
Thanks for reminding me to study this wonderful deck! I started, then got distracted. But I will start up again 😊
I've done the same thing. I get started and then kind of get caught up in other things and let it go again. Maybe this time I can stick with it for the long run.
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