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Hi vernissage,

`what motivates you`would be a good position as the little girl is so fascinated by the burning matches and has so much hope in what they could bring her.
For `What is hidden / real / denied` I`m not sure I would add it. I was glad I had a straight spread, just focusing on what is now essential in your life, what you have to take into consideration right now. I find hidden positions very hard to interpret - especially when it comes to other people`s hidden things. If you want you can still add it - I wouldn`t.

So the NEW spread looks like this:


1 The winter`s cold or the poverty. What situation tries to get you down?
2 The father threathening smacks. What dreads you?
3 The corner between the two houses. What shelters you?
4 The glamour in the light of the matches. What do you hope for? What motivates you?
5 The hot oven. What warms you?
6 The pleasant-smelling roasted goose. What nourishes you?
7 The Christmas tree and the presents in the warm room. What pleases you?
8 The grandmother, taking the girl`s hand. Who helps you?

Blessings, Astraea Aurora
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