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Just a Note or two re: The Index

I love this index for this Hanson-Roberts study group but would like to make a couple of suggestions.

New to this forum, I first checked out "Study Group" but all the posts are about 'forming' the study group and most of them are from 2003 with the last post in 2006. So for new people to this forum, maybe that thread could be renamed - something like "2003 Forming of the Study Group" as the title Study Group is just a little vague.

Ditto with the thread named "Hanson-Roberts Group" - those posts are also about 'forming' the group with the posts being from 2001 to 2004. Both threads' names tend to relay that there is information about the rules of posting or about studying within the group.

Anyway, that is just my own opinion as a new person arriving on the scene.

Finally - I have questions about books that are companions to the deck. I am just getting ready to buy the Hanson-Roberts deck (after a long story that is just delightful), so I am going to start a new thread about the books that discuss the deck to see if anyone has a favorite book.

I hope that I am not stepping on anybody's toes here - I simply love the whole Aeclectic Tarot site - joined a few years ago but just getting active in the forums.

Peace and Blessings to all !

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