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mythologically speaking...what does gnosticism have to do with tarot?

Look, last week a wonderful colleague informed me that I am a "gnostic" because I said I am more interested in the "experience" of spirituality than having beliefs or lacking them. But today I am interested in looking at beliefs....

My singularly irreligious and volontarily a-spiritual parents have suddenly a bookclub dinner on Dan Brown's the Da Vinci Code and want to know if I "know anything about the Holy Grail" and ...the Knight's Templar. ...and ... Gnossis, and ... how the holy grail was considered a metaphor for Mary Madgalene, bearer of the true issue of Christ, and Merovingian Kings... and how all the deep secrets of this are encoded in the tarot... She wanted to know if anything was historically accurate.

Aparently the book is a murder mystery that skirts about through 2000 years of mysticism, of which I know precisely squawt or, even more precisely -- 'jack squawt".

But it seemed terrible to pass by the opportunity to say something impressive sounding, so I told Mom, that regardless of the accuracy of any of these mouthwatering ideas refered to in the book, it is a historical and proven fact that there are people who have these ideas.

Ah, perhaps my question (still to come) might better belong in a mythology forum...

But what is the question?? Firemaiden, will you please get to the point!!
  • -- absolutely without any regard for what is known to be historically accurate, and entirely without prejudice for their truth or untruth, I am interested to know (unless to know would require my death)

    a)-- what are the heretical ideas that are considered to be hidden within the 22 trumps of the Marseille, and what does this have to do with gnosticism?

    b) -- how are these ideas seen to be reflected in the images of the tarot

    c) -- what, if anything, does gnosticism have to do with tarot? ?
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