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Hi Bill, thanks for your reply.

I was given a book on Kabbalah recently and I've started to read it, although this is a subject that I never thought I would have the time to learn, (along with other things that I am in the middle of studying). Its caught my interest though. I guess I'm a little concerned about learning a system which is not going to suit me, and then the possible re-learning process.

Your analogy with the car makes sense but I'm thinking that first I need to learn to drive! So perhaps the best way to approach any studies, at least in the first instance, is to learn about the Tree of Life without any Tarot attributions. Finding a site which is both simple to understand and doesn't incorporate a preferred system hasn't proven easy though. I also wonder why there aren't internet sites which show systems other than the GD way of pathworking.

Where to start.... its such a complex subject. I started by drawing the tree, with each of the four worlds and reading up on each Sephiroth. Perhaps the next stage is to meditate on each one starting at Malkhut.
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