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Originally Posted by Moonbow*
Where to start.... its such a complex subject. I started by drawing the tree, with each of the four worlds and reading up on each Sephiroth.
Qabalah can be a complex subject, but you probably know some Qabalah already. Working with and studying the Tarot is practical Qabalah. Everytime you pick up your Tarot deck you are literally holding the Tree of Life in your hand. The Minor cards, 1 - 10, correspond to the 10 sephiroth. The 4 suits correspond to the four qabalistic worlds.

If you want to understand the nature of Netzach in Briah, then study the 7 of Cups. Or Binah in Yetzirah, the 3 of Swords. Or maybe Malkuth in Assiah, the 10 of Disks.
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