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Le Tarot Tournant (Bill's Tarot) completed!!

The one deck I've had on my wish list for I don't know how long, is now complete! In my hot little hands I have one of the advance copies!!!! Here is a link to the creation thread and there are a lot of images in the newer posts from OnePotato.

I suppose it can't be called a Marseilles, officially, as the pips don't follow the TdM pattern, but in my opinion, these are the most beautiful and expressive non-scenic minors I've ever seen. I'm not entirely sure it's correct to call them non-scenic, though they do not depict a scene being played out by humans (or animals) so, perhaps that fits. The trumps do follow the historic or TdM style decks, though with Bill's flair for incredibly emotive and quirky faces. Be warned, this is not a deck filled with gorgeous ladies and buff, handsome men, but at the same time the deck is gorgeous.

For people who find pips a bit difficult to read with, I think this deck may really work well as a reading deck. The pips have a strong moody quality to them, in their color scheme and arrangement of the implements. I'm terrible at explaining this kind of thing, but hopefully there are enough images in the link I posted that show some of the pips in all of their glory. I may try to take some photos and post them later.

Just wanted to share the big news, I know a lot of folks here have been waiting for this day to come.
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