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Originally Posted by FLizarraga View Post
You have a point there. All of a sudden, these self-published repros are popping all over the place. There's this one -- real good except for the amateurish backs -- and there's the one with pebbled backs from the guy who has a waterproof option, which sadly squishes the images. (Still pretty usable, though.) Both claim to be photographic reproductions of antique decks.

Either someone has found a loophole (that you can commercially reproduce a RWS deck in your possession?) or they won't be around for long.

P.S. They're now popping up in the States, I mean. China and Ukraine do not give a rat's behind about all this and do as they please.
You are talking about Tavern Games' (MagusMick on Etsy I think) repro. Yeah. Rubbish for me because of the stretched images. For some they don't matter. Their standard size especially is the least visible so I guess that one might be able to get away with things a bit more. So... a bit like cannabis then.... you know "for personal use and distribution amongst friends"....? Anyway these things are never really about the law anyway
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