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Working for an online tarot service

I have been doing in person reading for a while and I'm ready to take the next step and do readings through an online service. I feel this would be a good next step for me to earn money and do something where I can set my hours since I'm also a full time student as well as growing my tarot/reiki/hypnotherapy business.

Do any of you have experience doing phones/video/email or chat readings for online companies? I have started doing research but there isn't that much information about the topic in terms of what it's like being a reader.

I understand there are some downsides in terms of not choosing the clientele and such. And I have also been told to avoid any service with a webcam as many people mistake them for a sex line. I just want to make sure I'm going to get paid and that the amount of money I make is actually worth the time I put it.

I'm especially interested in those of you who are working for companies now and why you are happy or unhappy doing it. What works and what doesn't? How much money can you realistically make? What method do you prefer (phone, chat etc) and why. Any tips on how to market yourself within these companies etc.

Any advice, experience, or resources you know about would be SO appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance!
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