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I do readings for a phone app - they were lookingn for readers here on AT, and I was curious so I signed up. This app provides personal readings - I don't copy stuff from anywhere but look at the spread and cards and information about the client (age, sex, zodiac sign, relationship status, emplyment status), and take it from there.

I write the reading down directly on a website. There is no direct contact with the client, and I don't know how precise my readings were - that's a pity. Nevertheless, it's a very good way to give many readings.

There is a number of spreads and three different decks clients can choose - two of these decks I find difficult to read so I'm always glad when clients pick the one I like better ;-)

If I can't do the reading, if the cards don't make sense somehow, I can opt out and get another client.

The money is not much, $ 2.2 at first and now a bit more, and I can't do more than 20 cards/day. But there is a steady stream of reading requests, and whenever I wish to earn a bit, I can go to the site and just start. I don't have to advertise or convince people. It's tarot reading pure, no hassle. If I do my 20 cards, I have earned $40, and that's fine.

I try to do my very best, and it's fun. I was suspicious at first and was not sure that the money would really come in, but it did. I had months with $800, $400 and $100, depending on the time I had.

I've been reading tarot for many years, and have done quite a number for friends - never for strangers. Reading online from home is a nice, peaceful, flexible solution to keep my tarot muscles in good form and steady little sums of money coming.
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