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I love the deck too. I just don't use it very often, other than to look at it and study the cards. And I do agree that many of the meanings are spot-on - however, the Hermit isn't, at least not the way I see it. If I were reading totally intuitively, that Hermit would not be a very pleasant card, by any means.

Your empath idea is an interesting one. Being somewhat of a recluse myself, I can relate to that. But the way I usually see the Hermit is looking within for answers, not really isolation from the rest of the world. There are other definitions that come to me too, for example, when I think of the typical Hermit, the robed figure with the lamp, I remember somewhere hearing the phrase "The Light of the World" connected to the card, and that makes me think of an old painting of Jesus, also called "The Light of the World" where he is holding a lantern and knocking on a door...supposedly a person in need of "saving" is on the other side. The door is covered with weeds and ivy, in some renditions of the painting you can see bats above the door - and in general, it is a sort of eerie work of art.
Here is a link to someone's blog where the painting is posted if you want to see what I mean:


Maybe this painting of Jesus is partly what RW artist Smith had in mind when she created the traditional Hermit?

Now the Deviant Moon Hermit, as I said in another post - angst, terror, phobia, insanity - all bad things when I look at that card! I suppose I could be taking the art too literally, but that's the feeling I get from it...and from several other cards in the deck.
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