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Page of Wands

What a feisty, bundle of energy Robin's "Page of Wands" is! I can't help but smile when I look at her. Though she's portrayed as a young gal, her enthusiastic, optimistic and youthful nature, could apply to any age, gender, race, culture, etc. Here's a page who clearly LOVES LIFE and all that it offers. I can truly FEEL her excitement and readiness to jump right in to whatever adventure she decides to pursue or situation she finds herself in.

I know Robin wrote that the Page of Wands may be a person with way too much energy. However, I admit that I rarely see the card in this way (or maybe I'm fighting the message!) in my own reading, perhaps because I personally feel so close to the Wands suit and all its positive attributes. That said, too much enthusiasm CAN overwhelm all involved AND can lead to my own malady...migraines. I call migraines such as these, "Good Time Migraines!" So, I guess reluctantly I must say that if I see a "red flag" regarding the vivacious energy bouncing off the Page of Wands in a reading bearing this card, then that energy is doubtless over-the-top...not good for whoever is feeling this way and certainly a strain on the sanity of those around that person. Such a card showing up could be a wake-up call to slow down, think carefully and don't leap head-first with nary a thought of the consequences. I do wish we Wands folks could live life fully tho', without always having to worry about side-effects on ourselves and those around us!! Geesh.

I do see the Page of Wands as someone who sees life as a child might, untainted as much as possible by all the trials and tribulations humanity suffers through. She's not necessarily oblivious of things she dislikes or finds unacceptable, but she chooses to look at the sunny, brighter side of situations she's involved in and therefore would choose positive paths to deal with all, or at least most, that comes her way. Hopefully she doesn't blind herself to real life all together, because if she did, someone like this could live in their own fantasy world and find it hard to cope with the day-to-day matters, let alone the emergencies. In a spread, I might look for balancing cards if I felt the Page of Wands' exuberance is more than she or others can handle...depending, of course, on the question asked by the querent and who the Page of Wands might represent.

Though there are firecrackers hanging from her belt and not a book (as in the Page of Pentacles,) I feel a gal like this would be interested in studying all sorts of subjects...but perhaps in her own, creative, passionate way...which may or may not suit a typical school setting or work environment. She may be misread by teachers and later, employers, as being not serious or scatter-brained. Perhaps she'd even be thought of as a class clown or someone who can't concentrate on the task at hand...and this all may or may not be justified, depending on the situation. Maybe she's even someone who needs medical help, if her hyperactive situation is chronic and out-of-hand. I'd consider these and other less-than-pleasant attributes as possibilities, especially if the Page of Wands is reversed.

Robin's key word for the Page of Wands is "Hearken!" Indeed, it would be hard to ignore her if she had something she felt was important to relay. You can bet she'd be sure to make herself heard and it would be hard not to get caught up in her excitement as she did so.
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