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My Sabian Oracle arrived on Saturday and I am VERY pleased! The first thing I did was look up my birthday - Sagittarius 5, 6 and 7 - and I am very impressed by both the accuracy of these symbols in describing me (especially An Old Owl Perched High Up in a Tree) and the complexity and subtlety of the symbols. In terms of relating them to a personality, they seem to interweave and work on many layers and shine a light on particular aspects of the personality which I was aware of but hadn't examined as such (e.g. A Game of Cricket). There is also room for exploration in areas which aren't as instantly recognisable (Cupid Knocking at the Door of the Human Heart) - the symbols wouldn't be as much fun if they only told us things we already know!
So already much food for thought and exploration!
My husband's birthday symbols are also equally compelling and perplexing! I intend to look up the symbols for everyone in my family. What I also find interesting is how, instead of the symbols being completely random (which, I admit, I was more or less expecting), you can make connections between sequential symbols and they almost tell stories read in sequence. I should imagine that when you get to know the symbols as well as Lynda does, that you could easily see how the tone of them changes throughout the zodiac and how this relates to our understanding of the signs - but this is far too advance for me right now! I'm just enjoying browsing through them at the moment.
I also did a draw for the coming three days (Mon, Tues, Weds) and got:
An Arctic Explorer Leads a Reindeer Through Icy Canyons (brrr!)
which is wonderful because I have a bit of a thing for Arctic (and Antarctic) explorers! Hopefully I'll get round to writing more about this symbol in the daily draw thread.
Anyway, just wanted to post my thoughts.

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