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Hi Pip,
I'm so glad your book arrived! . It looks as if you've already had a good browse through it.

Originally Posted by Pipistrelle
My husband's birthday symbols are also equally compelling and perplexing! I intend to look up the symbols for everyone in my family. What I also find interesting is how, instead of the symbols being completely random (which, I admit, I was more or less expecting), you can make connections between sequential symbols and they almost tell stories read in sequence. I should imagine that when you get to know the symbols as well as Lynda does, that you could easily see how the tone of them changes throughout the zodiac and how this relates to our understanding of the signs - but this is far too advance for me right now! I'm just enjoying browsing through them at the moment.
LOL I am always trying to pick people brains when it comes to the Astrological associations of the Symbols. There is a great thread by HOLMES which gives some corelations to the Symbols and the Tarot. But I dont understand the Astrological connection to these, maybe you can make head or tails of it.

Originally Posted by HOLMES

this links many books based on sabian and decantes.
decanatges and how the minor arcana is split up into the 36 decanates into 360 degrees of iwsodm.
"from the link
In his fourth book in the Taroscopes series, Michael Tsarion reveals the fascinating lost connections between the Tarotís Minor Arcana, and the Egyptian Zodiac of thirty-six signs. These signs, known as Decanates or Decans, have been habitually ignored by modern exoteric astrologers and Tarot practitioners. However, the Tarot cannot be mastered or utilized correctly without its connection to the zodiac being fully explored and understood. This invaluable book, should not be passed up by those who wish to come into a deeper, personal connection with the Tarot and Zodiac. It will prove to be a revelation and treasured reference for the true Mystery School adepts."

the book qabalistic tarot which was recently reprinted helps one to understand the decanates in the minor arcana as well.

while i can't find any direct link,, nor read any books on sabian symbols.
if the symbols of the sabian symbols are assisgned to the 360 degrees of wisdom in the decantes (which they are)
and the minor arcana of the 2 to 10 of each minor arcana
(and court cards as well in their own way)
are broken astrology wise into the decanates..
(granted it is on the golden dawn system, yet it also forms the basis for the waite and the thoth system of decanates and astrology in the minors as well )

so by looking at the two sources, one will realize that the sabian symbol in one decanate can be assigned to the tarot card assigned to that decanate as well.

know that this is a new system relatively when it comes to the sabian symbols as they were all channelled by a a person who can see symbols and had clairovance sight.
I am going to further explore this, but I need to do some research on Astrology first, so I know what Im looking at.

Many Blessings
Elven x
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