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I've also been looking up some Sabian Symbols associated with my birth chart. Like Pip, some make sense and others are more mysterious to me - so no doubt someting I still to discover about myself!

The two that made the most sense to me at the moment were:

Pisces 13 (Mercury): A Sword, Used in Many Battles, Is Now In a Museum - which shows the life lesson my mercury (planet of communication, writing, etc.) is teaching me - to go from fighting (the sword) to another way of relating and communicating. This is so relevant to my present life cycle that it sprang straight out.

and Pisces 29 (Saturn): Gemini 4 - Light Breaking Into Many Colours As It Passes Through A Prism. Given saturn is the planet of challenges, this seems to confirm my life-long challenge in overcoming scattered energy and focus! It also shows that I overcome challenges by looking at them from different angles and analysing them (I do).

I also was able to see Sagittarius 12 (the Moon): A Flag Turning Into An Eagle, The Eagle Into A Chanticleer Saluting the Dawn. This spoke to me of my idealism and how much my emotions (the Moon) are tied up with my ideals and giving expression to those ideals, to the point that my spirit soaring will be able to transform into a voice that claims that soaring and tries to wake (like a chanticleer) all I consider to be asleep. It's a quality - and a fault as well, since it means I can sometimes be overpowering, using the strength of my ideals - and the Sword of Pisces 13 - to try and *make* people see things my way (as ooposed to expressing my ideals but letting people make their own minds up).

Scorpio 3 (Mars) was interesting: Neighbours Help In a House-Raising Party In A Small Village. It reminded me of the film Witness, with its Amish barn-raising, the whole community coming together, work together makes for joyful work...Mars is the planet of drive, war, ambition: it could mean that in my life my ambitions are best served when I find cooperation with others, when I work in a team or ask for other people's help to achieve my ambitions. How exactly that will help me achieve my ambition as a writer I don't know, but I feel this is right, other people must be involved - not necessarily in the creative process, but in the "raising".

My ascendent Gemini is on the 4th degree: Holly and Mistletoe Bring Christmas Spirit To A Home - which speaks to me of my festive spirit and my joy in parties and family get-togethers, even of the simplest nature, with small elements of ritual. I also love traditional celebrations (of any tradition, if it captures my imagination!) Holly and Mistletoe reminds me of the ancient Celts, of whom I count a fair number among my ancestors (basically all those that aren't Jewish) - from Gaul, Helvetia, Ireland, England. I think it also shows the balance of male and female in my personality (since the ascendent shows an aspect of the personality); and my youthful, evergreen nature - very appropriate for Gemini!!

The hardest for me to understand was Cancer 24 (Jupiter): A Woman and two Men (Or a Man and Two Women) Cast Away on a Small Island. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and well-being - does my well-being pass by a ménage à trois ? But it also speaks of isolation and being stuck. But with people. So I am not sure how it applies.

Another hard one was Aries 9 (Venus): A Seer Gazes Intently Into A Crystal Ball Before Him. Venus is the planet of love and beauty, feminine and graceful. I can't see the connection in my life. I peer too closely at my love affairs? I need to use more intuition in them? My harmony passes by psychic methods (well, the latter I might be able to fathom).

Still exploring, looking at the outer planets too. I suppose some of these will only be relevant, or ecome apparent at some periods of life - for example for me at the moment, the most important of all of the above is Pisces 13 - A Sword, Used in Many Battles, Is Now In a Museum, because it is pretty much what I am trying to do in my life. Turn my sword into a ploughshare - or use it as a pen (museums are not static, they are places of scholarship).
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