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Helvetica, you inspired me to look up all the symbols associated with my birth chart
As I have a Saturn return um...returning this year (in a few months) I was particularly interested to see what Sabian symbol my Saturn placement related to...well, take a look It made me laugh anyway!

Sun :
5 Sagittarius
An Old Owl Perched High Up in a Tree

Moon :
6 Libra
A Man Watches His Ideals Taking A Concrete Form Before His Inner Vision

Asc :
9 Taurus
A Christmas Tree is Decorated and Shines in the Darkness

Mercury :
5 Sagittarius
An Old Owl Perched High Up in a Tree

Venus :
20 Libra
A Jewish Rabbi in a Tiny Room Full of Manuscripts and Books, Performing His Duty

Mars :
29 Gemini
The First Mockingbird of Spring Sings From the Treetop

Jupiter :
14 Aries
A Serpent Coiling Near a Man and a Woman

Saturn :
2 Leo
An Epidemic of Mumps

Uranus :
4 Scorpio
A Youth Holding a Lighted Candle in a Devotional Ritual Gains a Sense of the Great ‘Other World’

Neptune :
11 Sagittarius
In the Left Section of an Archaic Temple, A Lamp Burns in a Container Shaped Like a Human Body

Pluto :
11 Libra
A Professor Peering Over His Glasses At His Students

I haven't thought about them in depth at the moment like you have...I will need a refresher on what the planets represent to make sense of them. My first impressions however, is that I really like these symbols. There seems to be a common feel about all of them (except maybe the mumps) - there are multiple references to light, study, quiet reflection, birds and trees. Did you find any common themes running through yours Helvetica? I could just be imagining them.

One thing which is interesting and which I touched on before, is how the symbols work in tandem with other systems - i.e. the signs of the zodiac, but also numerology the top of my head, the symbols in my birth chart seem to relate to my life path of 7 (analysis, understanding). Also, I picked up a book on sale a few weeks ago which is called "The Secret Language of Birthdays". It's a mixture of astrology, numerology, tarot, psychology, etc. that gives a profile for each day of the year (it's a lot of fun actually). My birthday, November 28th, is called The Day of the Lone Wolf - not so far off from An Old Owl Perched High Up in a Tree. Again, this may just be me making connections where there are none.

Anyway, just rambling now.
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