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trying to make sense of placements and quoting!

Hi Helvetica

Originally Posted by Helvetica
I've also been looking up some Sabian Symbols associated with my birth chart. Like Pip, some make sense and others are more mysterious to me - so no doubt someting I still to discover about myself!

The hardest for me to understand was Cancer 24 (Jupiter): A Woman and two Men (Or a Man and Two Women) Cast Away on a Small Island. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and well-being - does my well-being pass by a ménage à trois ? But it also speaks of isolation and being stuck. But with people. So I am not sure how it applies.
This *could* show your latent ability to get along with people, even in very tight situations. It could show issues to do with relationship triangles - but, as it's your Jupiter, you may have very strong feelings about fidelity, commitment and boundaries around who you are attracted to. It doesn't have to show isolation necessarily, that's what it can be to some people (being a 'symbol' there are many takes on what it can mean within its own frame of reference).

Originally Posted by Helvetica
Another hard one was Aries 9 (Venus): A Seer Gazes Intently Into A Crystal Ball Before Him. Venus is the planet of love and beauty, feminine and graceful. I can't see the connection in my life. I peer too closely at my love affairs? I need to use more intuition in them? My harmony passes by psychic methods (well, the latter I might be able to fathom).
I think this probably shows your ability to 'read' people, their abilities, the issues of life, to be able to see 'inside' - I can see it in you all the way from Sydney - Australia! -

People with this degree (particularly on a planet like Venus) exhibit great care in their lives - thoughtful and full of thought. It may be saying, on the cautionary side, not to look too closely at things outside your relationship issues as this could take you away from true relationship... something like that.

Hope this helps
Greetings from the Blue Mountains
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