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Anyway, I feel I may have distracted us from the matter at hand, so I have another question. Has anyone used the symbols in any way other than as an oracle and, if so, how? I long to do something else with them!

Hi Pip
Using the Symbols as an Oracle is a relatively new idea - they are naturally oracular, but the most obvious use for them is to look up your planets in your chart. One can read the Sabian Symbol for your Sun, Moon, Mercury, etc, or your ascendant, progressed Sun, whatever.... they have multiple applications in astrology.

Having used them for so long now, I can't look at an astrology chart without referring to the Symbols. IMHO, doing charts without the Symbols is dry and a bit lifeless. Telling me that a person has the Moon in Cancer only says a limited amount about the person, but telling me that they have the Moon in Cancer at a certain degree gives the whole thing much more meaning - bucket loads!

So, astrology is another use. Have you visited my website? (details in my profile). There's some stuff up on there in articles, etc. I am in the process of rewriting the website entirely, so it will be better, but for now there is some good information up on it. You don't have to be an astrologer even to use the Symbols in your astrology. All you need do is get your chart cast and look up the Symbols. It's aweinspiring what you can learn.

If you want to post your birth details - time, date and place of birth, I will take a look at it and tell you what Symbols to read, if you want. Even if you don't know what time you were born, there is still a vast amount of information you can gather.

Hope this is a little enlightening!
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