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Originally Posted by Lynda
Using the Symbols as an Oracle is a relatively new idea - they are naturally oracular, but the most obvious use for them is to look up your planets in your chart. One can read the Sabian Symbol for your Sun, Moon, Mercury, etc, or your ascendant, progressed Sun, whatever.... they have multiple applications in astrology.
Hi Lynda, thanks for replying. I am very keen to look at my chart using the sabian symbols.

Originally Posted by Lynda
If you want to post your birth details - time, date and place of birth, I will take a look at it and tell you what Symbols to read, if you want. Even if you don't know what time you were born, there is still a vast amount of information you can gather.
Through the magic of Zorya's thread-weaving, you can see I actually posted my chart details earlier and they are now higher up in this very thread - however, I now think I've probably got them wrong. There's something to do with adding 1 to the astrological degree to get the symbol right? Anyway, the degrees I posted above are the degrees that are on my chart - it would be great if you could confirm whether I've got the correct symbols or not...I suspect they're wrong, but I'll be quite sad to part with "An Epidemic of Mumps".

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P.S. I have read many of the articles on your website with interest...the one about Hitler is especially intriguing
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