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Okay...I reread the "Notes for astrologers" section in Lynda's book and I'm pretty sure now that the symbols I quoted above are for my birthchart are wrong.

Just to clarify - if my moon, for example, is at 6 Libra, then my symbol for that planet is 7 Libra: A Woman Feeding Chickens and Protecting Them From the Hawks....?

The downside to this of course, is that I now have to change my signature.
Pity. I felt quite a connection with that old owl.

My next question then, for anyone who can answer it, is now that I have the symbols for my birth chart how do I interpret them? Very generally speaking (and quoting heavily from a website here), would I say:

Sabian symbol for my sun degree: this relates to my ego, soul, self, creativity?

ASC: public "face", mannerisms, appearance? (Bit confused about the different between sun and ascendant "qualities" here!)

For my moon degree: emotions, moods, receptivity, capacity for nurturing?

Mercury: intelligence, communication, capacity for learning?

Venus: aesthetic tastes, need for beauty and harmony, social interaction?

Mars: assertiveness, physical energy?

Jupiter: er...ethics, philosophy, learning, growth?

Saturn: how I handle responsibility, limitations, inhibitions, structures?

Uranus: originality, freedom, change, inspiration, eccentricity?

Neptune: imagination, artistic and psychic ability? not sure I've got this right...

Pluto: nope, completely confused!? The website talks about death and rebirth and power and subtle influences...

And then I just look at the symbol for that planet in my birth chart and try and work out how they relate? The way I've written it here seems a bit vague but I'll give it a go. If anyone has any advice on how to go about this, I'll be very glad to hear it! Otherwise, I'm just going to plod on and see if I can make any connections...

Can I just say as well, how much I love using the symbols!

Back later,

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