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Originally Posted by Eremita90 View Post
As far as I understand the system, but I absolutely welcome corrections, it's not that Court Cards have two elements: it's just that each element has some qualities in common with the others. Fire of Water does not mean, as I understand it, Fire and Water, but that part of Water that has a fiery quality. In this case, the Knight/King of Cups, says Crowley, is the power of Water to solve things. So when it comes to EDs I do not take the "secondary" element into consideration.
Yes, that is an important distinction and, when we extend the theory into other areas it can cause confusion to mispercieve it.

Eg. We 'feel' anger ... feelings are attributed to water and the 'emotional body', and anger relates to heat / fire. So anger is not in the fire realm of 'inspiration' or 'individuation' but it is a 'fiery' and overheated aspect of our feelings : the fiery part of water.

Also with fire ... one thing it can relate to is inspiration ... it can come from 'above' (spirit) , in a flash like lightening (fire of fire) it can come from methodically working something out (airy part of fire) or even from a dream (water of fire) or from a learning experience (earth of fire) .
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