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I showed the deck to a friend of mine. She stopped short when she saw this card. "What's this one? It's HORRIBLE!" she said.

"The Empress," I said.

She didn't say anything, but when she was finished she said, "I need to look at that one card again." She went through the deck and pulled it out.

"That vagina dentata," she said, "and the bones in the hills! I can't remember, the Empress?"

"Fertility," I said, "fruitfulness."

"This card is all about death," she said. (She loved the MP Death card, by the way, being Buddhist.)

"But all life comes out of death," I said. "Or at least I THINK that's what it means."

She looked at the card again. "And all living things go back to death and are born again," she said. "Yes."
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