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It is as you say, simple. Post a clip, offer clues, enlarge clip/add clues as time goes on.

And yes, it is generally considered Vary Bad Form to use google images. It wasn't in the original rules - as I don't think you could search by images way back then, but it is cheating, and is only SORT of allowed if someone posts in an "OK it's been 6 months, can I google for it or we will be here till Christmas" situation - and we all say "oh god yes for pity's sake DO it !!" It was sort of generally agreed that it was dirty pool about three threads ago, somewhere in the middle. Feel free to codify !

Also, in general you don't post a new clip until the previous person has confirmed that you were correct.

Someone had better PM quietly as she's never won before, I think - and as she isn't a subscriber, tell her about image hosting sites and so on... Can you put a link to THIS thread at the end of the old one, so people can find this one ?
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