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Originally posted by ScarabFlight
I was looking at Gloominus and I thought that maybe he was sad because he thought he had lost his dream. He doesn't realize that he has it in his hand because it's behind his back. Perhaps he doesn't realize it is behind his back because he is feeling sorry for himself and not taking time to look at how things really are around him. (Okay he is telling me that he is not feeling that way, he is just mirroring us)
This is also the message I see. How we can get so bogged down and focused on a problem or issue, that we do concentrate on finding resolutions or solutions to them. We let the problems drag us down instead of focusing on solutions.

Gloominous is standing on the head of someone and ignoring the other two that are crying out in dispair. What this means to me is that we can get so inwardly focused on our own "stuff" that we do not even see how we affect others, we ignore them. It becomes "all about me."

This card definetly symbolizes depression, sadness and hoplessness to me ... or better yet, as someone else mentioned a warning to not go on the self-pitty trip but to focus on solutions.
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