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Here’s the Guy who pops out at me when I read a “day at work of dealing with Corporate Bullies”

He reminds me that there are ppl in this world that are always going to be “Who they Are”, no matter what. It’s not my problem, really. The thing I need to be reminded that my reaction/action to this energy needs to be, not to absorb or become like them! After all, they have a place in my life which helps me to learn “my lessons”!

Maya Angeliou says, “when ppl tell you who they are, believe them”. In other words, don’t make excuses for their behavior etc. She says that’s where we get in trouble. I personally feel that this is where all the “judgment” issues get going in your head.

So this Fae, reminds me not to be like them, to “watch where I step”, Be open and alert to my environment and to observe without judgment, or I will become just like them! It can be a daily lesson if you work in Corporate America!

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