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Originally Posted by Namaste
I discovered then that whenever he appears a few things happen:

1. I have a really good night's sleep.
2. I am dead tired and need a good night's sleep.
3. I know, suddenly, that I had better lie down and go to sleep...

In other words..., that I had better take care of myself and this is the best way to do it right that moment.
You know, it's funny now that I've read your description, it has dawned on me that the expression on GD's face is very similar to the look my little children get when they are overtired. They get these big weepy eyes, and every little thing has a major emotional impact. If I cut my 4 year old's toast in half instead of in quarters, she'll have a meltdown. I can just see Gloominus being in that mind set: "But.... but... <sniff> I really ..... wanted... <wipes eyes> my toast <big tear rolls down cheek>... cut into .... squares....<sobs>"

So it makes sense to me that this card could mean just what you describe. It focuses on getting your basic needs met, or else you won't be able to do much else.
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