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I did a reading for a friend with this deck theother day.
this friend is a very touchy woman. She has had lots of responsibility on her from a young age, and she tends to really get mad at people and can be explosive.
During the last year, she has gotten better at not blowing up, and she seems quite cheerful really, but I'm wary of her.

She was over the other day and grabbed the Fae, shuffled chose three, and when I returned to the table, there was Gloominus D!

His belly looked rubbed raw.
I never noticed before how red and raw his little knees are.
He looked so devoid of light, which made his fingertips really shine, and the globe sort of had a phospherescence....but so dim.

I gave her a mild interpretation of him, but because of her unpredictable nature, I admit I held back a bit.
ANd now I"m in Gloominus Doom consideration mode. I've never really liked Gloominus much. After the other day, now I'm reconsidering him.
I'm thinking about him alot today.
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