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Daily Draw...09/24/06

When doing my daily draw today, Gloominous showed up as being my faery companion for the day. I admit that in the last few days, I've been very weepy eyed, and when I'm not sad and weepy, I'm angry and snapping hard at my kids and husband. It's like, I want to be left alone, until I'm alone, and then I need someone there, but if they stay too long, I get mad at them and snap again. Just sooooooooooooo incredibly emotionally sensitive as of late. So when I saw Gloominous come up as my faery companion for the day, I couldn't help but to frown and sigh, and wished another fae would be with me instead. But I'm trying to see past my "dislike" towards him, and try to hear the message he carries.

I think his message is something that is so rooted down deeply inside oneself, you have to work out whatever is wrong within yourself before you can continue looking out of your shell to do the things you like or want to do. I find him the represenation of inner conflict. Not like the confusion of the topsy turvets, but the inside demons. That voice that tells you how bad you are, or how ugly you look, that inner demon that knows exactly what to say to make you curl up under your sheets and cry for hours as you try your hardest to fight it off.

I don't believe Gloominous "is" the inner demonic voice, but is only here to present to us, "you're doing it again, be careful, I'll do my best to try to help you fight it, but in the end, you know it's only you that can fight this thing".

I believe I'm in for a rough day, so I'm taking a deep breath, and I'm going to take things very easy, and be very mindful of Gloominous's presence and warning.


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