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aah, Ol' Gloom Eyes! I have seen him in a lot of ways over the years...when I went through a phase of depression Gloominous was always a rather embarrassing reflection of myself...I mean, after all these were Really Important Emotions and Issues that I was going through and there he was, with his choir of Gloomlings, looking as miserable as I felt, so miserable it was....funny! All my life and death Important stuff couldn't be funny...could it? The Faeries seemed to think so! Huh, I wasn't having that...

Then as I started to be able to laugh at myself and things got better I saw GD as a bit of a warning- not to allow myself to be so melodramatic and self-centred...

Now, however, I don't think he is so clear cut. I think it is ok to travel in the Gloom with him for a while, to self-indulge and bemoan sorrows...they are after all a real part of life, just so long as I don't let them engulf everything. And of course a tickle of his belly will make him laugh helplessly and Loominously, just don't tell dear Gloominous I told you!
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