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Originally Posted by sagitarian
When doing my daily draw today, Gloominous showed up as being my faery companion for the day.

I believe I'm in for a rough day, so I'm taking a deep breath, and I'm going to take things very easy, and be very mindful of Gloominous's presence and warning.
So how did your day turnout? Did you get any further insight into Gloominous? I drew him as my Faerie companion for today. Interesting how you got him yesterday, and I have him today.

I am not feeling sad about anything, I am really not quite sure what his message is for me today. The fey he is standing on is the one that is really popping out of the card at me today, so perhaps it is a warining that the hubby is about to have a rough day, and for me to be prepared to be "stepped" on and to support him. Now quite sure. Or perhaps he just wanted to spend some time with me. If something stands out I will be sure to post.

Actually I did have something happen to me on Saturday, that has had me feeling terrible for a couple of days. I was combing one of my precious kitties, and she had some mats in her hair. I was trimming them out, and I accidentally cut to close to her skin and cut her!!! Talk about feeling guilty, and like a bad mom! She is OK, although it took some skin she did not bleed, and I am caring for her injury, but I do still feel abosolutly horrible. Perhaps he is here to tell me that it is OK to forgive myself, that 2 days of looking at Hermoine and having tears come to my eyes is enough. That she has forgiven me and it is time for me to forgive myself.
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