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Re: more diversions!

Originally posted by isthmus nekoi
- Another side note: Babylon links Lust to female goddesses like Ishtar and Astarte who were associated with sacred prostitution which was in theory a very worshipful approach to female sexuality. I have read that the Whore of Babylon is related to sacred prostitution... I'm not sure if Crowley knew about such practices, but I think he would've approved. He may have said some disparaging remarks about women when it came to sex, but underlying a lot of these comments was a defiance against the Victorian construction of the "chaste woman" which he thought was absolute garbage.
Exactly! You've got it spot on, I believe.

Many Goddesses from around the world had Sacred Prostitutes in their temples, some of which have been said to be Sacred Prostitutes for the purpose of the aforementioned Kingmaking.

Brighid and Vesta are the two Goddesses I know of who have been said to have had Sacred Prostitutes. These Priestesses represented the Goddess they were dedicated to, and so it comes as no surprise that this was seen as a worshipful approach to female sexuality... Making it sacred.

Crowley did know about the practices I am sure, since he knew about sex magic and the basic principle of Heiros Gamos: the Sacred Marriage between Man and Woman as representatives of God and Goddess.

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