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Salutations for the New Year to all

While everyone who has contributed to this minigroup on liber Al , and tarot so far shows people can be knowledgeble and enthusiastic but of this i'm sure(if you are being honest with yourself )no one goes through all those associations when one does a reading ...

I know at this point looking at theory is not the same as doing a tarot reading in practise so i'll keep that in mind .

I for one am confused here thou as to the nature and direction of the minigroup thou i might add as its the beginning of the christain new yr this would be a subject to keep people commited for some time

Sure liber al might help in drawing out some of the points about the thoth tarot but do we need some structure to this course of action or is it needed?

Liber al and the lust card as suggested by kiama ,ummmm... then what? Any verse from any chapter that relates to the lust card ?or perhaps any verse from any chapter that relates to any Atus of Tahuti in no particular order

Perhaps taking the first chapter then go thru it verse by verse to look for links in the thoth tarot, male- female quintesential one-many whatever as long as related to the tahuti deck
then repeat for chapter 2and 3

Perhaps whatever the interest of people means: any verse at any part of the book of the law as related to the thot deck this means you dont get bogged down in dogma,bored or dispondent

Perhaps start 0 degrees Aries (5 wands) then around zodiac assimilating each card with liber Al verses or thelemic concepts this means in a definite peroid some work can be achieved there is a goal thou this may take up to a year or longer. 1 card a week for 52 weeks still leaves a number of cards left ...

Just playing the Devils Advocate here of course, every one of the 78 cards could have a verse or some connection with some part of liber al vel legis sub figura 220 as has been done in the past with verses being allocated to the major trumps

Does anyone have other suggestions for ways to relate and study liber al with the crowley /harris deck

As i mentioned earlier on another post Crowleys Enochian aethyrs have many references to the 78 degrees of wisdom under Thelemic imagery in the aethyrs for those who want to examine their worth.

I wil be curious to see how this group takes shape and if i can contribute i will

Good Hunting
Bagheera 444
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