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For whipsilk

Judgment can be a tough card to fit into a reading. When we blend swords and pentacles (the other two cards) this can be seen as a "difficulty" due to their different natures. Going back to Step Six, I find Mary Greer's Modes, Elements and Qualities to bring up different ways to see our reading. If we look at ELEMENTS: Swords are mental, logical, communicative. Pentacles are practical, possessive, productive. Having an "Ace" of potential and focus as the initial card is not easy to grasp. "Preparing to make decisive plans may require a practical touch and skills to carry it out" comes to mind. But, that judgment card -- how do you move some higher value system or take on a different perspective or deeper level of understanding?

Perhaps the others on the list can help us both with this card in this spread that your have defined. Like you, I found this portion of the exercise to be difficult. That may be because we are too close to our own reading, our own life. Dave
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